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We have possibly the best jet black huacaya males standing at stud. These boys are available for a limited number outside matings.

Please contact us for details.

We also have two white stud males.


Canchones Tycoon (True Black) IAR 123943

Bonnie Park Wizard IAR 73001

Sunsetestate Nitro (True Black) IAR 1003199

Sunsetestate Fahrenheit IAR 1011084 

Sunsetestate Manolito IAR 1011055

Alpacaspecialists Scandalous (True Black) IAR 98435

Sierra Vista Blackjack IAR 116423

Cuesta Iggy IAR 1013095


Gilt Edge Alchemist IAR 1005034 

Cuesta Gus IAR 1008221